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Ok, folks, we’re going there. Whether you’re having a parade of people over for the holidays, hosting a party, or even just having a few guest over, there’s one room you’ll want to be fully functional and well-stocked to prevent embarrassing moments, the bathroom! We’ve all had to endure an uncomfortable bathroom experience at one point in our lives, and it’s no picnic. Here are 11 things you can do to ensure that the bathroom experience in your home is as pleasant as possible for guests:

1. Fix ANY Toilet Issues Beforehand

If the primary toilet guests will be using has been fussy, aim to fix it well before your event or gathering. It’s not a good idea to temporarily fix an ongoing issue and hope it doesn’t rear its ugly head on one of your guests. That’s not really fair now, is it? If the issue is persistent, call a plumber to help you fix that problem once and for all!

2. Stock Plenty of Toilet Paper

Ever had to call out for extra Toilet Paper, or worse forego using it because there wasn’t any left? Not a fun situation, is it? Stock plenty of toilet paper to accommodate the number of guests who will be in your home. Have extra available in a visible spot if possible, or at the very least in a cupboard that guests might look in to find some. It’s also good to just check on the bathroom periodically throughout your guests stay to make sure it’s well stocked.

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