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Today’s post include pictures of the property before our renovation. We are set on completing this project so let’s take a look, shall we

This house was built 1969. The Owners who opted for no upgrade at all, preserve everything from that time,you can see there is no dishwasher or microwave, old brown cabinet with golden handle , a back splash smaller white to cream tile, strawberry wallpaper and The opening to the kitchen is a small entrance.


Like all renovation you don’t want to expend a lot of money. Specially when you are adding a new bathroom in the basement So we start to disconnect all the plumbing and take out all the paper wall, cabinets , the closet’s door and break in a half part of the wall so the kitchen feels open and big. After that,we made a list:

  •  paint
  •  back splash
  • Countertop
  • Install dishwasher
  • Install microoven
  • Reduce closet’s door
  • Change Light fixtures
  • Install stove
  • Install refrigerator

Straight to the point I am sure you want to know how much$$$ will cost for a renovation like this, Well i can give you prices of some of this of course this is just a suggestion the cost always depend in what you really want to change in your kitchen.

  • We will start for the cabinets  like you see they are simple and white. We got a good deal at ” Saint Louis Hoods”  (cabinets , granite and sink) $2,880.

The paint you know it depend on the brand that you would like, We used Olympic $112.

The back splash was $582.00.

Breaking the wall , moving outlets and put over a piece of granite it cost about $1’150.00.

We Bought the stove, dishwasher and micro-oven at “Happy Appliances” that  cost us a total of $800.00 for those 3 appliances. Also the lights fixtures We found  at Lowes at clearance price for $70.00. And Here is the final Product…..New Modern Kitchen.

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