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Do you need a plumber but aren’t sure who to call? You have plenty of options  — there are 490,200 plumbers in the U.S. And with the internet, finding a plumber is easier than ever.

But does that mean all of these plumbers are great? It’s not always easy to identify the plumbers who will provide the best service versus lower quality plumbers.

Here are 8 tips for finding a plumber and what you should look for.

1. Don’t Wait for an Emergency

The best course of action is to look for a plumber when you don’t have a plumbing emergency. If your toilet is overflowing or the water isn’t turning on, you will likely call the first plumber you can find. You may not always find the best plumber this way.

2. Start With the Internet

Are you using the yellow pages to find a plumber? We didn’t think so. But you’ll want to do more than Google “local plumbers near me.” Use the internet as a useful tool to research reviews, qualifications, and more.

Fortunately, most of this information is found on the plumber’s website. Look for the “about page” or other similar pages. This is where plumbers will state their education, training, licensing, certifications, and other crucial information.

While this isn’t a make or break, you’ll want to see if the plumber received rewards or accolades. Many plumbers and plumbing companies take part in their community and donate to different causes. You’ll also found this information on their website.

3. Other Online Resources

Can’t find the information you need online? There are various other resources online that you can check. For example, there are third-party listings that offer reviews, contact information, and some even list their prices.

When reading reviews, be sure to read both positive and negative reviews. Keep an open mind — negative reviews don’t always mean the plumber is bad, but could also mean the consumer had unrealistic expectations.

You can find several plumbers on social media platforms such as Facebook and can see reviews as well as contact information. It’s also recommended you join local groups and ask others in your area about the plumbers they recommended.

Your state will also likely offer various resources. For example, you can go to your state’s website and search for plumbers and their licenses. Keep in mind, you should do extra research and know which licenses your state requires.

4. Contact the Company

Most plumbers offer a free quote or will take your call for free. Take advantage of this by asking the company various questions. Some good questions to ask include:

  • Have you done similar jobs like the one I need in the past?
  • Can I get a free quote? (If they don’t have one promoted on their website)
  • How long will it take for you to complete this task?
  • What if the job takes longer than you’d expect?

If you want to do some more research, we also recommend asking about the plumbing services and methods they will use and their equipment (if applicable). Any reputable plumber will be glad to provide you with any information you request.

5. Take Advantage of Free Quotes

We mentioned free quotes in the previous section, but it’s important we emphasize this. If you didn’t gain enough information from the phone call, take advantage of a free quote. The plumber will visit your home, identify the problem, and will offer an estimate of how much the job will cost.

This is convenient for many reasons. You’ll know the estimated price you’ll pay for the service and how long the service will take. Since the plumber visited your home, they will have a better assessment of the problem rather than if they gave you the quote online or over the phone.

Keep in mind, you’ll want to know what the quote entails. Many plumbers may charge extra for parts and labor. These extra costs are often included in the quote, but sometimes they don’t.

6. Ask for Recommendations

Your friends, family, and colleagues can all give you great plumber recommendations. Since they’re people close to you, they will only recommend a professional they truly like.

Since this is a loved one, you likely have been to their house and notice their quality plumbing. If not, you can ask if you can come over and look at the work the plumber did.

Your loved one may even share the pricing and even some deals that the plumber doesn’t promote. This is also beneficial because many plumbers offer a referral service. You may receive a discount as well as your loved one.

As an alternative, you can take to social media. Post a status and ask for recommendations.

7. Professional Referrals

As an alternative, you can ask your other contractors for recommendations. Common examples include your electrician, A/C technician, and a construction worker. Chances are, if you like their work, you will like the plumber they recommend.

Another benefit of asking for a professional referral is there are often perks involved. The other contractors may work closely with a plumber, and receiving a referral may result in a discount.

8. Take a Look at the Competition

Let’s say you find a plumber with good reviews and they offer an affordable quote. Is your job over? Not exactly. You’ll want to compare that plumber to other plumbers in your area. You’ll get a better scope of the market and can gain a better idea of what plumber you need.

Finding a Plumber in St. Charles Is Easy

Whether you have a plumbing emergency or a small job, finding a plumber is the first step in resolving your plumbing issues. If you’re in St. Charles and the St. Louis metro area, you’re in luck. While we recommend conducting research, you can also choose our company for your plumbing needs.

We’re a full-service plumbing company that works with both residential and commercial clients. We promise to offer the best quality and the most affordable price. Make an appointment today!