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Before starting any Do-It-Yourself home improvement job in your home, whether big or small, it is always a smart idea to know the basic safety tips. Plumbing jobs are no different and keeping yourself and your loved ones safe is priority #1. Even something as simple as unclogging a drain needs to be done safely. By following these basic plumbing safety methods, you can avoid getting hurt and ensure you complete your projects successfully. If you are not comfortable doing the necessary repairs, call Arch Plumbing.

-Use protective gear

Personal protective equipment is a must when working on any plumbing project. This includes wearing protective eyewear, gloves and a facemask to protect your lungs from damage. Eyewear is essential when doing any sort of job that includes snaking a drain, hammering, using a drill or sawzall or working on your back under a sink. Latex or leather gloves can also be worn, depending on the type of job.

-Use a Spotter

A spotter or helper allows you to complete a plumbing project faster and with less harm. The spotter can provide a much needed set of spare hands. Tasks such as running a drain machine require a second person to help since you will have two hands on the cable. They can provide help with unplugging the machine if necessary.

-Follow Directions

This safety tip can not be stated enough. Read and follow the directions for all tools, equipment, chemicals, machines and other plumbing products. Mishandling tools and other plumbing equipment can cause you harm and injury, not to mention, damage to your home. Also, make sure to maintain and check tools as specified in the user manual. Be sure to read the labels and instruction when using chemicals and always follow the recommendations for use at all times.

-Know the Codes

Before starting any plumbing project, be sure you know the plumbing codes and laws. Obtain permits whenever required and if you’re not sure you can complete a plumbing job safely by yourself, consider calling a licensed plumber to complete the job.

-Exercise Caution

When using any type of power tool, be cautious and follow the suggestions for use from the manufacturer. Many injuries are a result of people not holding the tool with two hands or simply following the directions.

-No Pockets!

Never carry your tools in your pockets. This can pose a serious risk of injury. Instead, use a tool belt, caddy or box.

-Be Alert

Never work while you are overly tired, sick or under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Lack of focus and impaired reflexes are a surefire way to injure yourself, especially when working with power tools.

-What’s That Smell?

Never ever ignore the smell of gas! If you smell natural gas or think there is a gas leak, stop your work right away. Turn off the gas if it is safe to do so and call your local gas company right away. Please do not try and find the leak yourself.

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