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Its Normal in this month scrape thousands of pounds of pumpkin pulp down the drains throughout the Halloween season and end up with clogged pipes that require maintenance. Do not let your garbage disposal become clogged or kitchen sink get stopped up in the next month. Jack O’ Lantern carvers remember : Pumpkin pulp should never be put down drains or into garbage disposals. The slimy gunk and fiber is ideal for clogging sink drains.

Instead, spread out a newspaper to clean out the pulp and seeds on.  The newspaper and pulp are perfect for the compost  heap  and seeds can be roasted for healthy, sugar -free treat for the kids.


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How to Prevent Embarrassing Bathroom Moments 3

Keep a Plunger Handy They’re not pretty, but they’re there for an emergency. It’s best to keep these handy during guest visits, just in case. Having a plunger handy allows your guests to quietly deal with a minor annoying clog, rather than having to...

How to Prevent Embarrassing Bathroom Moments 2

Offer Something to Freshen the Air This is an absolute must! Give your guests some options to cover up any unpleasant odors with an air freshener that actually works. A product called Poo Pourri is a fun new product that coined the phrase, “Spritz the bowl...

How to Prevent Embarrassing Bathroom Moments

Ok, folks, we’re going there. Whether you’re having a parade of people over for the holidays, hosting a party, or even just having a few guest over, there’s one room you’ll want to be fully functional and well-stocked to prevent embarrassing moments, the...