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Drain cleaning and repair

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It’s a fact that plumbing systems will develop clogs at some point and unfortunately there is simply no way to avoid it. You can however, have the drains in your home routinely cleaned and maintained to prevent major problems. When a clog arises, trying to fix it yourself can be risky and potentially expensive. Keep in mind that exerting too much force on a pipe or fixture can permanently damage it, so calling a professional plumber is your best bet. If you have issues with your drains, Arch Plumbing is the company to call. We specialize in providing very thorough drain cleaning for those difficult clogged pipes and mainlines. Our technicians handle cleaning, detecting and repairing any issues with your homes pipes and drainage systems. Below is a list of common drains in the home that should be monitored regularly for any signs of potential blockage.


Kitchen Drains

Over time, things such as residue, food, waste, grease and even soap can build up and your drain will start to run slower and slower. Avoid clogs by not putting grease, oil, fatty materials, pastas, rice or potatoes down the drain. Also you don’t want to overcrowd your garbage disposal with too much food or scraps. Keep in mind that disposals are made to only handle a particular amount of food at one time. Items such as banana peels, celery and poultry skin can be detrimental to your drains so throw those in the garbage instead. By using a drain basket or strainer in the sink, you can greatly reduce the amount of food that goes down your pipes.

Bathtubs and Shower Drains

The water in your shower or bath should drain immediately after you are done showering and within a few minutes after a bath. If you find that the water is draining slowly, your drainpipe could be clogged with soap and hair.

Bathroom Sink Drains

Typically, things such as soap, grime, toothpaste and hair can be major causes of drain clogs. Sometimes, small items like jewelry can also fall down the sink causing it to become backed up. If this happens, do not run your water anymore and call Arch Plumbing immediately so we can retrieve your item for you.

Toilet Drains

Flushing items such as facial tissue, baby wipes, cotton balls and sanitary products down your toilet will cause it to clog. These items don’t break down like toilet paper does. If you find that plunging gently doesn’t work, give Arch Plumbing a call so we can use our specialty tools to fix the problem.


Our hydro-jetting service saves you time, frustration and money by effectively cleaning drains with high pressure water jets. The technicians at ArchPlumbing scour the walls of your drains to clear sludge, tree roots and other obstructions. You can rest assured that Hydro-Jetting is safe for the environment, economical and clears up any problems quickly!

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