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In this post we will introduce a new remodeling project.Put a Bathroom in the basement . It was used as a store room . you can see the hall the principal room and the back of the basement are occupant. The problem here is how to put a bathroom on the basement when the pipes are not in the places that we wish the bathroom. Well half of the basement was built as a finish room for you to use and is where you can see the panel of lights but the hall way where you can see the water heater is where all the pipes from the bathroom are which is not convincing our plumber to put the bathroom but the back part of the hall way have a space and the room already finish has a back door which will be ideal for the new bathroom. But the problem is this little room is too far from the principal pipes line.

We start digging from the middle of the room where it was the principal pipe to the room where we want the bathroom. We install the new pipes and conection of the bathroom as well as a wall where all the pipes  for the new shower will be installed