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Do you have a leaky faucet anywhere in your home? If so, you could be wasting up to 10,000 gallons of water each year! In fact, the total amount of water wasted in the United States because of leaks is an astonishing one trillion gallons.

Of course, leaks are fairly low priority when it comes to emergency plumbing situations. While it’s never good to waste water, a dripping tap or worn toilet flapper can wait a day or two.

But how can you tell the difference between a plumbing problem that you should address in the near future and one that requires the immediate action of a local emergency plumber?

Keep reading for seven surefire signals that you need to have the pros over ASAP!

1. The Odor of Gas

Natural gas is incredibly dangerous. Not only is it highly toxic, but it can lead to explosions — and explosions, of course, can damage your property, injure anyone in the area, or even result in a tragic death.

The moment you begin to smell this unmistakable odor, check all your gas appliances to make sure they’re turned off. Open your doors and windows. Then call an emergency plumber and your local gas authority.

2.  Burst Pipes 

In colder climates, pipes can burst if they freeze, and especially if they stay frozen. Another reason for burst pipes is a massive clog. You see, water pressure building up behind the clog needs to go somewhere. If the pipe is old or rusty, it’s likely that the water’s going to burst free — causing serious damage to your home.

3. Sudden or Inexplicable Pressure Loss

One day your shower, sink, and toilet are working just fine. The next day, there’s barely a trickle coming out of your taps and the toilet won’t flush properly. What could have caused this?

There are several reasons for a sudden loss of water pressure. It could be a leak somewhere in your system. It might also be because of clogs or corroded pipes. A water main issue could be to blame, too.

Unfortunately, you won’t know what caused your issue until you contact an emergency plumber to come investigate.

4. Sewage

We probably don’t have to explain that smelling sewage inside the home is never a good sign. Most commonly, this problem is caused by a missing or loose sewer trap plug.

This part is inexpensive and easy to fix. It requires immediate attention, however. And it’s best left to the professionals, for obvious reasons.

Even worse than smelling sewage? Seeing it come up through your pipes! You will definitely want to call a 24/7 emergency plumber in this instance.

5.Standing Water

Standing water is yet another clue that something’s gone wrong with your plumbing pipes. This isn’t the kind of situation that can wait for a fix, either.

First things first: find the main shut-off valve and turn off the water, so things don’t get any worse. Then call your emergency plumbing company.

6. No Hot Water

Some people might question whether not having hot water is a scenario that merits calling an emergency plumber. While it’s not usually a life or death problem, it can put a serious wrench in your weekend.

What if your water heater conked out the day before you are due to get married? Or just as company is arriving from another country? It’s not always possible or convenient to check into a hotel simply for a hot shower.

7. No Water At All

This situation is a little more serious. After all, not having access to water (or clean water) can lead to health problems. A household needs toilets that flush, water for cleaning your body and brushing your teeth, water to wash dishes and clothing with, and much more.

Having no H20 whatsoever coming out of your faucets could indicate a stuck mainline valve. There are some other possibilities, too. At the risk of sounding like a broken record, you’ll need to call that local emergency plumbing company and enlist their help in sussing out the cause of your problem.

Find A Local Emergency Plumber Before You Need One

Imagine that it’s the middle of the night, and everyone is snug in their beds. You wake up and head to the kitchen for a drink, or to the bathroom to relieve yourself.

What happens if you discover that the toilet has overflowed and the bathroom is flooded? Or there are puddles all over the kitchen floor? Or the hallway carpet is inexplicably sopping wet?

Smart homeowners do their research into emergency plumbing companies well ahead of any actual emergencies. That way, when they do discover a burst pipe or noxious smell on a weekend or in the wee hours, all they have to do is grab their phone and scroll through the contact list.

Otherwise, you’ll compound the stress of that dire plumbing situation with the necessity of Googling, reading reviews, calling around, and trying to find someone to come help you at 4 a.m. And what happens if the plumber who comes to your rescue turns out to be a dud?

It’s always preferable to have service providers whom you know and trust — and have on speed dial!

Need a Reliable Plumber?

Plumbing emergencies are always going to be something of a bummer. However, you can make this trying time a little easier to bear by knowing what actually requires an immediate visit from a local emergency plumber, and what can wait until Monday morning. So, too, can having a reliable plumbing company already picked out in advance!

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